(The Book of Creative Wisdom) is one of the knowledge`s of the Apollo Light Parallel Knowledge`s and takes a special place within them. Sparks are exalted spiritual teaching that requires a considerably modified regime of life from their followers. While at the center of the Spiritual Teaching KAMO is a human, in the Sparks, the center represents a wider social layer of people, states, nations and humanity.

Through spiritual laws and certain spiritual skills, the followers of Sparks, in a relatively easy and secure way come into contact with the State of Absolute, within which a clear picture of people, things, events, causation and consequential relationships is obtained, devoid of the blur of perspectives from the level of physical existence. Spiritual activities are realized through this level in accordance with natural laws, with the direct functioning of higher intelligences and the power of existence.

The Sparks followers have different spiritual levels. The first level is the Sparks Guard. In a certain way, it is parallels with the status of a very advanced practitioner in the Teaching of KAMO Spiritual Divine Flame. The second level is the Light Guardians. Hers/his basic characteristic is the wideness of comprehension, the healing nature of the presence, the capacity of the warrior spirit.

The Light Guards are responsible for their work to themselves, to the Knowledge and to the Spiritual Master – the Great Teacher. Sparks followers at a certain point in their spiritual development come into contact with divine spiritual teachers – light intelligences.
In a direct or indirect form, all spiritual teachers are accountable to the Great Teacher for their work. The structure of the Sparks is very complex and requires always active four Sparks (Spark Guardians or Light Guardians).

In the New Spiritual Era the followers of the Sparks have performed/they will have/they have (at the same time) observation of overlapping several different realities (dimensions of existence) at the ordinary, physical level of existence, without special preparations and meditative techniques.

For those referring to the topic of Apollonian Knowledge`s, one of the spiritual principles of the New Epoch is that the Teaching of Sparks is open to women (by 2012, it was exclusively the order in which men belonged) and in accordance with spiritual laws, the basic techniques of this Teaching have been changed. The Book of the Sparks is under complete protection and, very similar to the Book of Movement, selects its followers by itself.

There is an active and passive influence of the follower of Sparks. Through them Light acts and directs people in the proper direction of the reasons for their birth in accordance with the divine plan, while protecting the environment and the space in which they are located.

“… And gifts of Knowledge are intended for all: for those who value them and those who do not appreciate them – because Knowledge is One, Great, Unique and Universal. It existed, it exist and shall exist in Light of Eternity. By giving people Joy, Love, Harmony and Higher Quality of Life. To this Knowledge is directed, to serves people. Remember, when you have your inner peace and love, then everything makes sense. Your spirit towards Light strives, since it came from Light and Light is your wellspring from which you are feeding yourself and exist in Eternity.” The Great Teacher