“Know yourself and you will know the whole world”

The famous inscription from the Apollo Temple in Delphi, Greece

Who I am? What is my destiny? What will be…? Should I….? Which way to go?

The Source of Eternity – The Fire of KAMO Love, can help you to know yourself and the art of creating and living your own destiny.

Answers to these, but also many other questions that interest you, are obtained through a spiritual analysis of your birth date (your unique spiritual code), number and date of birth, first and last name, family line of origin.

In addition to spiritual diagnostics, the Treasury of Knowledge can provide you spiritual methods of healing, as well as models to recognize and reduce all unnaturalness through the process of self-development, spiritual defense and protection, by spreading love which brings joy in your life.

For those who would like more actively to devote to their own spiritual development, I recommend the APOLLONIAN SPIRITUAL TECHNIQUES OF SELF DEVELOPMENT: the meditations from The Spiritual Teaching KAMO and the Dance of Angels. Both spiritual techniques lead to a strong bond and interaction with your Being, and in your Being is the divine purpose of your birth.

Meditation techniques should be practiced on a daily basis, lasting 15 up to a maximum 30 minutes. In addition to spiritual energy purification, they bring you inner peace, harmony, joy of life and lead you the path of lightning and self-development.

The greatest benefit is achieved by meditating on your own Quality of Birth (month and year), which can be combined with the current month and year according to Knowledge. Meditations are always performed in the Official Language of the KAMO Teaching.

If you like to resolve certain personnel issue, a spiritual teacher prepares a special set of meditations for a certain period and purpose.

Destiny exists. But there is also our willingness and commitment to change it for the better. So, take over your fate in your hand. Find out what your mission is in this life, heal your being, your spirit, your soul and your body, have the best for you and your family, your dearest.

Welcome to the Source of Eternity – Divine Flame of Love!

The Spiritual Delphi is open for you