From one of mine spiritual journeys to Olympus…

Each teacher should learn as long as she/he is alive!

Even today, I am a proud learner of the “Ancestress” KAMO – the Divine Spiritual Power of Fire, the Great Teacher, and the sublime light intelligences of the Apollo Knowledge`s, who, from the earliest childhood, led me through dreams, giving me a sublime Love and Reminders … until I remembered who I am and why I was born.

The period of spiritual pursuit for myself, the essence of my being, I have successfully accomplished. I remembered a certain number of my incarnations, the Source of Origin in which the Spiritual Flame of Love heats, loves, gently wraps, protects … I`m actively living in several parallel realities and professionally dealing with one of the most exemplary form of spirituality.

Infinitely gratefulness belongs to family Kukić, in which I was born, because, above all – we love and respect each other, telling the truth and we are keen to good humor! They are always with me, giving me support to walk on “my” fiery paths, which are beautiful, joyful and – extremely demanding!

My mother’s family has given me name Olivera (symbolically meaning of this name is “will you believe”). In spiritual sense, they gave me – freedom to choose. And I chose to believe and live in – Divine Spiritual Flame of Love. Because only if we are guided by it, then we certainly know – we are on our right path od Love and Light.


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