Source of Eternity – Love Fire

This ancient recipes and herbs preparing ceremony come from Apollo temples in Delphi, and its foundation is made of sacred plants: basil – symbolizing Wisdom, linden – Beauty and rosemary – Intuition. Wisdom, Beauty, and Intuition are Elements of Light.

Secret of preparation that has been kept for centuries is transmitted solely by the oral route, thus protecting originality and success in spiritual cleansing. Ceremonial preparation of healing herbs is done according to the Law of Numbers, i.e. the movement of the Light of the epoch we live in.

The collection consists of 12 waters – teas, and in practice it is confirmed that, with medical remedies and medical advice, KAMO teas at the spiritual level help and influence the dilution of sterility, as well as the heavier health conditions that are the most common causes of accumulated negative energy.

They initiate and maintain a balance between physical, mental, emotional and energy – spiritual strength. For those who are actively engaged in their own spiritual development, the effect of these waters provides additional protection against the absorption of energies that are not of the Light, enhances the perceptual outlook and brings better insights and knowledge.


Hera, supreme goddess of Olympus, protector of family, mothers and children, briefly opened her secrets garden … Her water gives the energy of the love of a close-knit family in harmony.

It is used for marital and family problems, in all developmental delays, job blockages, so called, explosive character, hand, joints and spine disease, as well as diabetes and peripheral circulation problems. It regulates the work of the crown and sacral chakras, brain oxygenation, as well as motor functions.

Another name for the product is the Judge’s Water.


This tea gives the person some kind of inner erotic magnet, making the one who regularly drinks it, somehow attractive and necessary to other people.

It works on the sacral plexus and all the organs in that part of the body, as well as reproductive organs, the kidneys and the urinary tract. Heals infertility in women and men (poor seminogram, pathway of the fallopian tubes) regulates the work of hormones, menstruation, menopause. It gives psychological security to the erotic plan. It works favorably with problems of impotence, strengthens the sexual power, and awakens sexuality, skin and body beauty. It stimulates the proper development of body, bodily and sport strength.

The other name of the tea is the Pitcher of the Spear or the Dolphin’s water. He was named after the mythical hero Hyacinth and his beauty and Eros.


It brings the energy of love and the feeling of harmony within a person, and then also between the person and its environment.

Used to eliminate fears, improve communication with oneself, family and surroundings. It develops a feeling of harmony and understanding. It especially helps adolescents when they are in conflict with the environment (when they think no one feels it, works against the antisocial behavior and everything that keeps a person away from interacting in life). It works favorably on the stomach and digestive tract.

Another name for the product is Man’s Water or Source on Delos.


Apollo, the God of Light, the most beautiful among the beautiful ones… the spark of his divine energy, has been shaped into a recipe that helps to establish a balance between spiritual and physical life.

This water also helps people who are educated, smart, who because of their complexes or because of their nature, simply cannot get involved well in everyday life.

For spiritual purposes, this tea is served from 7 to 13 July, when Apollonian days begin, marking the shift of years in Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledge.


Eagle – the symbol of spiritual heights – gave this water to accelerate the transformation of erotic energy into conscious energy. Another name for tea is Zeus’s shield. According to legend, the ingredients of tea were printed on Zeus’s shield, and he sent an eagle to give the recipe to people.

It is used for the purification of blood and the complete detoxification of the body, especially the reproductive organs, the urinary tract, the kidneys. It can also be used with problems with cysts, tumors, kidney stones and kidney problems, bile problems, diabetes, excess body weight. This water melts and ejects all that is excess in the body.


All Nature feels its irresistible energy of supreme beauty… the spiritual affinity of APHRODITE’S WATER activate the inner potentials of beauty, strengthen self-confidence, a sense of security and charm, and is useful in situations where a person has difficulty involving in the world around him.

It heals skin diseases; it has a beneficial effect on the skin, complexion and the overall beauty of the person. There is also a beneficial effect on the proper work of the glandes and respiratory organs, whereby the person who regularly drinks it has the feeling of breathing with full lungs.

Another name for the product is Phoenix’s Water.


It is used for the process of cleansing all mental stoppages in personality development, in all inflammatory processes in the body and in all kinds of spiritual attacks for the purification of negative energy. Longer regular use gives protection.

It is especially recommended in the case of inflammation of the brain, nerve and spinal cord, the diseases of the thyroid gland, musculoskeletal disorders, dystrophies, all nerve disorders, nervousness, migraine, schizophrenia, all kinds of madness, epilepsy, paranoia, manic behavior, depression, antisocial behavior, chest pain, low blood pressure and pressure that vary. It helps with sensitivity to weather and bad dreams.

Another name for the product is the Lake Water.


It unites in itself the full balance of divine powers: fire, water, earth and air. Spring water provides new strength, sense of joy, revitalizing and fresh energy. It is also used in cases where rapid physical recovery is needed after a longer and more severe illness, as well as achieving mental stability, and is therefore recommended for various types of depression.

Another name for the product is Strong Water.


When you need to acquire new knowledge or expand the existing spiritual aspect, when you need wisdom, determination and stability THE MOUNTAIN WATER – GIFT FROM GODS, is the right choice. It gives the firmness of the mountain spirit and strength of the lion, endurance, strength and protection on the path you are on….

It is also used in depression, schizophrenia, paranoia, nervousness, and all forms of mental illness or conditions that disturb healthy consciousness.

The parishioners of the Apollonian Temple in Delphi called this herb mix as God’s gift.


Hermes, the messenger of the gods, the one whose light energy connects people with higher, divine levels … If you want to develop intuition, the power of divine knowledge within you, activate the ability of self-healing and healing, then THE WATER OF HERMES is the choice for you.

Because of the above mentioned characteristics, it is recommended to all who deal with alternative therapies, healing and other forms of alternative help to people. It is also used for chronic fatigue and for rapid recovery and revitalization of the body.

Another name for this tea is Sagittarius’s water.


It is intended to improve the creative and intellectual, to revive the energy of the beauty of joy, to expand the sight of consciousness and to harmonize with the energies of the New Epoch. It works on reproductive organs, brain, lungs, the root, sacral and crown chakra, balancing the work of others.

For intellectual and creative development, the harmony of creativity and intellect, prudence in words and actions, sophisticated manners, creative achievement of goals, light of wisdom in times of hardship, schooling, education, choice of profession, learning problems, hobbies, talents.

The Water of White Rose is also used for washing your face and body and, and the remaining herbs after the preparation of tea are left under the tree or in the river- because it is given as a gift from Nature, to the Nature it must be restored.


This water is consumed exclusively for spiritual purposes and with it; it is very easy to reach transcendental levels of consciousness. It is used in continuity 14 or 21 days after which it is obligatory to make a pause of at least a month and a half. The Water of Blue Rose is not to be used if a person has not previously used The Water of Poseidon for at least a month or another combination of teas KAMO for purifying from negative energy of different origin.

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