About The Warriors of Light

Teachings and Sayings of the Great Teacher

“To restrain one’s own will in the part of the wishes, tendencies, intentions, emotions … in order to surrender to the supreme light leadership is part of the Spirit of the Warrior.”

“The warrior is above all a warrior in wars that he led with himself and wins by submitting himself to an elevated leadership in order to become an even more magnificent version of his existence.”

“The warrior is always in wisely silent. Even when words are needed … he silences and let the Spirit of Existence merge him with the Wisdom of Silence … only after that he speaks. And this word must always be through the light of love and truth pronounced.”

“The Fire of the Heart leads Warrior through life and thus his intention is pure. Who does not have a pure heart, the Warrior cannot be.”
“Light and darkness will always confront the wind turbine of timeless duration. The warrior is not afraid of darkness – he serves the Light, knows its laws and has its guidance.”

“The warrior of Light can be sad and lonely, since the word of his heart is farsighted. But, he will win everything with joy, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Spiritual skills and knowledge are acquiring, but the spiritual purity of the heart of the Warrior – embodied through the love of words, thoughts and deeds – is always a matter of conscious choice. Accordingly, the Warrior of Light is different from others – he always chooses the purity of the heart towards himself and others.”

“There is also something more exalted than the Warrior himself – and that is the Lady Warrior of Light which opens the doors of spiritual secrets. On Earth, she is a peasant and a lady, in the Spirit she is the Eagle and Dolphin, and the unbreakable Lion and the sweet sleeping Swan.”
“Commitment to mission and goal is part of Warrior’s life purpose. And he never gives up, regardless of the obstacles. They are just s part of his development path.”

“The Warrior of Light is a beautifully scary to be. I led many warriors and secrets their earthly I know, as well as their denials and sufferings. And I admire the beauty of their beings that shine through the dimensions of parallel realities. On the Earth, the Warrior is still just a human being … we must not forget that. ”