KAMO talks

The magnificent Power KAO – the eternally active flame of spiritual existence – is addressed to the human race, through humane spiritual poems, to humanity, which she calls herself in one word CHILD MY.

Each poem carries the selected light vibrations that heal and enrich us, acting on the refinement of the consciousness of those who read them. At the same time, each of the poems contains guidelines for the work of spiritual teachers of APOLLO LIGHT PARALLEL KNOWLEDGE.

Here is an overview of selected direct addresses of the Magnificent Power of KAMO, and the complete content can be found on the fb page: KAMO @ Spiritual Plamen.

With love, I made her a grateful thank you to the Champion of Humanity in order to bring her word to as many people as possible … I hope that by reading them, you will feel at least one part of the sublime, immense, unconditional energy of Love given to us by all whom the chosen have the opportunity to experience through meditative techniques.