“Your words have the obligation to continue the persistent walk in the right direction – thank you from the heart for the trust shown. “APOLONIA KAMO Ramona”

Snežana Markolović, Montenegro: “To explain it to you, I’ll tell you how I experienced it. Imagine a bird in a cage and a bird flying freely. I am the bird that had been closed inside myself for years, and thanks to my teacher Ramona Omoromana and Apollonian Knowledge`s and of course the persistent work I gained the freedom of speech, opinion and the importance of self-reliance. When I was a child I was told – respect your parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends, love your husband, you’re your children. All that is fine, but no one has taught me to love and respect myself. That’s what Knowledges have taught me. ”

Maja Dragin, Vojvodina: “On the way of searching we extend our abilities, we give each other hands and look forward to people like ourselves. There were the first tears of joy at the meeting with Olivera Ramona. Welcomed by the warm smile of understanding and support during conversation, I liberated myself from the strains of my past. I embraced the Joy through Love. I danced the Dance of Angels, my soul opened, and pronounced the heart’s desire. Methodical work and discipline were of great importance to replace old patterns of behavior for new ones. People immediately noticed it and said, “Wau, You glow!” My smile spoke more than words. I’ve been drinking teas KAMO for long time and I call them “my elixir of life”. Before that, as a result of accumulating emotions, I was feeling chest pain and heavy breathing. By drinking the teas the problems have diminished and disappeared. I thank Ramona for everything that has been taught and given to me, on the path of Light that we walk together, where we follow the rhythm of our beings and remain consistent with ourselves in love and joy. ”

Dalibor Stojišić, Vojvodina: Before meeting Ramona, I was familiar with the Apollonian Knowledges. I must admit that I had certain expectations, because I was reading, learning and listening about The Spiritual Teaching of Fire – KAMO. It is important to me in life to work with the best, and the leading teacher Ramona is that. Knowledge, sincerity, understanding, accuracy counts Ramona’s work and I thank her so much for it. Teas? Many ask me if they help? And I always answer the same: Do I need to prove something that has been proven for thousands of years? In addition to the teas, fascinating for me are oil Divine Love Drops Flame and cream Aegean Pearl, because of my very sensitive skin, I have tried dozens of different cosmetic products, and now I always use these two Ramona´s products.

Tamara Kunst, Slovenia: “… I remember the first contact with Ramona three years ago. She spoke incredibly calmly and with warm voice. The energy, or combination of the energies of peace and excitement, which I felt at the time, I still remember vividly. Even now I do not know how to explain what I experienced. I like that Ramona is a teacher, who knows to transfer knowledge in accordance with listeners sensibility. I greatly appreciate her sincerity and dedication. I’m glad that our paths have crossed and that I can learn from her, because she is a teacher with special energy and special views on the world. ”

Mija Krpan, Austria: “After my spiritual energy work with Ramona I felt much better, more confident in myself, connected with myself, it changed my relationships with close people for better, I started to realize things on a private and business plan, which I longed for a long time.”

Maria B. Alvarez, USA: “My experience with Ramona’s spiritual energy treatments would be described as – completely transformative! For a short time I have reached the level of self awareness, which many people do not achieve throughout their whole life. I have learned a lot about the importance of love for oneself. Now I have achieved inner peace. ”

Zdenka Đenđinović, Montenegro: “To tell you my experiences I should write a book. The book that is 20 years old. To write about a Dolphin, stranded on the beach, who inhales its last breaths. One Invisibility that doesn´t exist, which cannot be seen. But there is … a spiritual teacher Ramona who turned Dolphin onto the right path, to which you can come through persistent walk and work on yourself. Work, order and discipline. Today Dolphin is eager to swim in the sea. The invisibility is very visible. I saw great changes in my life. I am stronger, more stable, and full of love. I learned to love myself. Loving yourself, you will love the whole world! ”

Ana Đorđević, Austria: “Solving and treating your own conditions and events by treating them with natural methods … By using teas KAMO, I have strengthened myself, cleaned the negative energy, and I drink them still today to maintain energy hygiene. I came back to myself and to the purpose of my existence. Wearing a spiritually treated crystal jewelry, I made remarkable results in the field of consciousness, self-love, self-esteem, and protection from many life traps that I could’ve fallen in. I often thought that the cause of some ailment or illness was in the body, but only the treatment of the body removed the consequences and the cause remained within the body and was repeated. My body showed me the problem is at some other level. The spiritual energy treatments I practice with the help of the spiritual teacher Ramona are the most correct and direct way of treating the very cause of a particular problem. Apart from the disappearance of the concrete problem, results of that work are multiple. In addition to the excellent psycho-physical condition, it also brings me the launch of many beautiful events! ”

Goran Maljevac, Croatia: “As soon as I hear Ramona, it gets easier for me! She helped me a lot and continues to guide me further… ”

Olja Matić Aleksić, Serbia: “The Path of Love – my inner journey began more than a quarter of a century ago. Powerful spiritual words and Dance of Angels brought me to the knowledge that life has its purpose, that I am there to fulfill it and understand who I am. I gain wealth of every kind: health – physical, emotional and spiritual, success in all that I do, inner peace, I felt unconditional love and endless joy of living. ”

Nataša Lukić, Vojvodina: “Ramona is a woman with whom at first contact you feel the flow of positive energy. Extremely friendly, energetic, dear and sweet. Ever since I am in contact with her my life and my family began to progress in all spheres. She helped me a lot. I still use teas and see her. Rarely positive, smart and spiritual person. My children and I are endlessly thankful to her. ”

Dr. Sejfudin Muminović: “… I was looking for some kind of spirituality beyond religion and something told me that was it- this … work with teacher Olivera Jevtic Ramona proved to be a it, precious advances in improving and expanding spiritual views and acquiring new insight and knowledge . With her selflessness and positivity, she tried to help me overcome all the obstacles I encountered … This is just a small peace of what I have experienced, moving steadily in the right course. ”

Dijana Đorđević, Serbia: “ Ramona…penetrating as a light …strong as a rock and stable… and with the soul pure as a water and leading … devoted, authoritarian and all herself – in likeness and deed!”