The Four Divine Powers and Fifth Manifested – the Energy of Love Builds Your World!

People have always wanted prosperity, and it is relentlessly connected with the space they live in and connection with nature. Within our living or working space, all four elements of existence act actively: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Each space has its own energy, just like the users of that space have their own. The space represents the energetic pillar of our functioning in it, and the disparity in energy is most often manifested in the lives of tenants.

After the process of spiritual and energetic purification, Harmonization of space is being realized, by increasing the corresponding positive energy, personal life, family and other relations, emotional intimate life, business, personal development.

The indispensable part of the Harmonization process is usage of symbolic expression in the space, connected with the personal sensitivity of the person and, if desired, the culture and the tradition of the area in which person lives.

Through the usage of the symbols, which are part of our archetypes, the energies are initiated and channeled, while the awareness of the meaning of symbols moves the desired processes on spiritual and mental level.

To be a participant in this process means allowing and feeling how Energy of Love builds your new world.