Our names have energetic vibrations and symbolic meanings. They give us a connection with the universe, nature and gods.

Our ancestors leave us their spiritual codes and energy patterns in the spiritual energy heritage. All this represents our hidden carrots. And in order that our tree, i.e., ourselves, is stable, healthy and successful, it helps us much when our carrots are strong, firm, clean and strong.

PURIFICATION OF ENERGIES OF THE TREE OF ORIGIN is gaining in importance nowadays, because the new spiritual epoch gives new energies of existence, new thought patterns, and possibilities of self-realization – which are requiring a clean foundation as the basis for reaching life within its own divine purpose of incarnation (birth).

The basic purification of the energy of the family line of origin is done by the spiritual treatment of family members’ photography, since photo represents the spiritual/energetic record of our bodies.

Depending on inherited spiritual code and lifestyle, in addition to this basic purification technique, sometimes it is necessary to undertake additional corrective actions that are done through individual treatments if a person has inherited an extremely strong spiritual concept that manifests itself through a set of mental-emotional reactions and attitudes, which, during time, can result in a blockage of a certain life-line (failure to do business, failure to marry, offspring and so on).

The energy seal of our family is contained in the surname. And with the other family members we share the same surname, so we also carry out the accumulated energy (common karma). Therefore, in situations where this energy is heavily soiled, heavy or burdened by various unnatural conditions, we also apply the purification of the energy of the surnames as a powerful energy carrier. In the most drastic cases, when the symbolism of the surname itself is burdensome, I advise to change it.

When a woman takes over her husband’s surname, it weakens the influence of her inherited family energy, but also takes over the karma of the husband’s family line. The process of energetic adjustments lasts from one to five years, and can be very turbulent if two people, whose energy heritage is drastically opposite, are merging. In this case, it is helpful to perform energy purification and harmonization before marriage.