Xarmonia Mona

“Harmony …. its energy of warmth, security, certainty, benefits, is what our soul and our beings remember from contact with the Source of Eternity. When our earthly, emotional truths hurts us, and memories and longings for Harmony becomes too great, we are blessed by spiritual insights that lead us along the path of the development of love and self-realization.
Following the Path of Divine Spiritual Flame and the Path of the Truth of the Heart, I have brought Harmony back to my life! This was done, also, by many others I met on my spiritual “journey”. I’m sure you can do it too! ”


Xarmonia Mona

The unique, individual spiritual energy treatments, led by the divine energy of the Magnificent Spiritual Flame KAMO, the Source of Eternity – Fire of Love, are designed to solve various issues, conditions, problems and achieve the art of living of life in its beauty and harmony of Existence ….

Almost every topic, state or problem, can be treated with this spiritual treatment, but not every person. Some people are more receptive than others for this kind of treatment, and this depends on several factors, such as the spiritual-cognitive level, the emotional and mental complex, the emotional intelligence, the general psycho-physical condition.

For this type of treatment, it is necessary to use Poseidon’s water for at least 7 days to cleanse the body from accumulated negative energies (or other detoxification beverage). The treatment lasts for an hour and can be done personally or over the camera (viber, skype).