svetlosni medaljon


The most exquisite personal spiritual protection and precisely because of this, it is made exclusively in precious metals silver and gold. Through the Magnificent Natural Forces: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the light poles: the Sun and the Moon, and the laws of the Light, activates spiritual protection for the individual. It has engraved name, last name and date of birth on the back. The Light Medallion leads to the harmonious functioning of the seven levels of the existence of an individual: spiritual, creative, intuitive, mental, intellectual, emotional and physical body, while protecting them from the influence of energies which do not belong to the Light.


The light structure of crystals allows them to absorb, store, direct and emit energy. They act on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level of existence. They return into the harmony subtle energies and act to resolve the situation to the very root cause of the problem.

A spiritually programmed mountain crystal becomes a mirror of the beings and souls and its transcendental guide. It awakens in the soul the divine light; it connects her with the Universe and the cause of birth. It protects and preserves aura, removes blockages, enlightens feelings, thoughts and fulfill new life energy. Glittering Light Angels rejects heavy karma and leads us to our divine cause of birth.

Pendant – Gathers all the negative energy from the aura field and turns it into a positive one. From the crystal in the pendant, special elixir crystal water is made for purpose of spiritual cleaning of the space.

Necklace – brings together Creativity and Beauty, Wisdom and Intelligence. It relieves the symptoms of depression, mood, gives a feeling of breathing with full lungs.


They are also most commonly programmed in a mountain crystal and are set in relation to the outside world within the living or business area. For families where there was a lot of disagreement, intolerance or other problems between spouses, children and parents, semantic stones – crystal Ahat – appeared in fantastic results. It is specially programmed to solve aggravated family disputes, while simultaneously strengthening relationships with children. A spiritually programed crystal Ahat should be placed nearby family photo.


Based on your date of birth, name and surname and your unique personal spiritual code, amulets are made as yours individual personal protection. Amulet “The Protection of Divine Love Flame” – separates the individual from the inherited negative spiritual energies of the family line of origin, as well as the acquired and induced negativity, regardless of the source of origin. In addition to this basic spiritual protection, it is possible to have special, dedicated protection for love, health, carrier, intellectual and spiritual development.