The fire, a gift of divines’ to the human race, created a fireplace. In order to keep the fire on fireplace alive, a human made a house around it. Spiritually, element of Fire represents an energetic vital heart of a home.

This primeval metaphysical energy of the fire and her place, pulsates even today … it awakes in us the desire to have our own corner, our personal, intimate space, our temple, our strongest inner point of support, place for the gathering of the family and dearest ones.

Whether you have your own home or you`re living in a leased space, it is desirable that the energy of Fire is felt in its energy center (note that the energy center is often not the physical center of the space) or it`s the eastern part through chosen symbols: whether it is a fireplace, picture of a fire, a sunrise motive…

Your home is also the spiritual energetic center of your personal life fire. Therefore, if you feel that you are voluntary, tired, and prone to blatant thoughts towards yourself and others – look at your home. Where in it do you see loathing and tiredness, where do you see the light, where is dark? Clean, clean, tidy, give away or remove unnecessary, too old, broken, inadequate, burdensome….

Dissolve across all windows and doors, salute the Air, feel its wind flowing around you and through your home, thank him for the cleanliness and freshness he brings.

If you are in the stage of life when you want to make a home from a suburban apartment – then you will, of course, choose new or used furniture. Whatever it is, let your heart lead you in a choice – what do you feel when you see certain piece of a furniture, what do you feel when you touch it? When it becomes yours, apply one of the spiritual rituals of cleansing, in order to get rid of stagnant energy … and furniture and space will get your personal energy seal of Divine Fire of Love.

“And my house shall heat your house, Your heart shall laugh.”
And the kingdom of silence should adorn him, and joy and song and happy sighs.
The warmth of the home of peace gives you, Fire leads you, protects you from the Rose. ”