The Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledges teaches us how to open and follow the path of love within us, through which we are increasing our own strengths and reducing weaknesses.The famous inscription from the Apollonian temple in Delphi, “Know yourself and you will know the whole world”, essentially talks about the gifts of Knowledges. Through them, by the Sublime Light Intelligences, people are given the opportunity to recognize and avoid the fateful traps contained in the date of birth (the date of birth represents given Spiritual Qualities by the Light), in a way that contributes to the development of personal and professional potentials, self-help and helping to the others.

Following knowledges belonging to group of The Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledges:
• The Spiritual Teaching KAMO – Spiritual teaching on mankind given by KAMO, Divine Spiritual Power of Fire.
• The Science of Divine Beauty – The Teaching of Great Forces
• The Teaching of Sparks – The Book of Creative Wisdom
• The Book of Movements – The Book od Changes (“Live Knowledges”)
Knowledges are intertwined and complemented, each one adapted for different levels of consciousness.

The boundary between us and the world that surrounds us is our level of consciousness.The Apollonian spiritual techniques of self-development, which are given through the Spiritual Teaching KAMO, help us to develop a level of awareness in a safe way, harmonize relations with the environment, and encourage the realization of desired personal, professional, emotional and other goals.

The Spiritual Teaching KAMO – spiritual teaching on mankind given by KAMO, Divine Spiritual Power of Fire, is broadest open to the human race, while other knowledge`s are mostly intended for those who professionally deals with the spirituality of the Apollonian Knowledges.