Divine secrets, perhaps, are not secrets at all. They are completely applicable knowledge`s intended for the progress and development of humanity. The planet Earth, with about eight billion people and twenty official religions, which are recognizing one god or more gods, is divided over the question: which God is a real god, whose faith is the true religion.

Yet, all mankind is gathered and united over three completely intimate, personal, holy trinities: deep, in the heart of each one of us, there is inner desire for experiencing Love, Beauty and Noble Purpose. And Love is the highest among them, because it is the true nature of our Beings and the most powerful, fiery creative force of the universes.
From her Divine Spark everything became:

“I am not from the Past; I am not from the Future.
I do not belong to any particular space, time, or nation.
I am a highly sophisticated state of consciousness
which is reached by persistent walking in the right path.”

KAMO, Divine Spiritual Power of Fire

These precious Knowledge`s are stored in the safest hiding place, which is parallel with everything that exist, and at the same time, it all permeates. In the heart of the universal, cosmic consciousness, safe from oblivion, resides everlasting and active Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledges!

For more than two decades, in this my incarnation, I came into contact with these ancient spiritual knowledge and techniques, which for the first time were open to the human race through the Apollonian temples, including the most prominent Oracle in Delphi, Greece. And thanks to them, my life has changed the best from the roots!

And now, I believe, it was not coincidence that the most beautiful god of Olympus – Apollo, the god of Light, Beauty, Music, Poetry, Creation and Healing – has opened so many temples.

Olympus (whose meaning is in Greek – The Mountain of Light) and his 12 main gods, through myths tell a great spiritual truth: at Olympus, a place with a sublime, beautiful, spiritual cleanness appeared the Light on the planet Earth, giving to human civilization its 12 Quality of the Spirit. Twelve Gods of Olympus is the emanation of the 12 Quality of the Spirit!

At the spiritual level Olympus, Delphi and Apollo temples are active again. Therefore, whether you want to find out and learn more, change your destiny on better or, just to have fun reading these pages:

Welcome to the Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledges!

Welcome to the Source of Eternity – Divine Flame of Love!

The Leading Spiritual Coach Apollonian Light Parallel Knowledges


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