Spiritualy treated Zeolite

  • Duhovno obrađeni Zeolit Duhovno obrađeni Zeolit

    We are especially pleased to introduce you to a Spiritualy treated Zeolite through male-female principle, on which the universe and all that exists rests. Spiritual treatment of zeolite involves a special kind of spiritual energetic purification of zeolite in a way that it retains all its positive, effective beneficial properties and effects, and from zeolit is removed all accumulated negative energy that is gained through the process of technical mining, or processing zeolite, packaging and transport.

    This miraculous ancient technique, whose secret is kept for thousands of years, and is transmitted only orally with knee and elbow, by its power includes and applies the principle of spiritual protection, balancing the male-female principle, videlicet qualitative energy within the zeolite in a manner that increases the efficiency by sexuality.

    Spiritual cultivation with the help of this divine technique, that respects basic elements of existence, divine forces: fire, water, earth, air, applies spiritual protection also. After spiritual processing of zeolite, flow of negative energy in zeolite is not possible. Distribution, transport and storage is completely safe from the spiritual energies of the human impact, which means, coming to the end user, the consumer, zeolite remains maximally spiritually clean (respecting legal regulations and precautions).

    Spiritualy treated zeolite is used as a supplement and health food supplements, for the detoxification of the body and food, preventive or therapeutic.

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